Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Vintage Vanity Makeover - So Cottagecore!

Isn't she a beauty? 
I get to appropriate the word cottagecore because Holly Hobbie is my spirit animal and has been since I was nine years old! I've always been the girl in love with Laura Ashley and all things English so I have been so excited about this "trend"? For me, it's just who I am!

For this project, I used Chalk Mountain Paint in Patina Green (#50). I love these paints! I've been purchasing them for a number of years, but Patina Green is a new-to-me color and I am in love. The lamps are also Patina Green, but with a dark wax. Obviously for my dressing table, I used white wax over darling little wild flower transfers by Redesign with Prima. They're called Botanical Paradise and I purchased them from this etsy shop. I used clear wax and white wax from FolkArt and I gotta say, I really like these waxes. No smell and easy to use- what's not to love?

I'm pretty new to white wax. This and my dresser are the first furniture I've used it on. It's definitely not perfect, but I really love the overall effect and I am so happy I did this. 

Ever since moving up to a high magnification lighted mirror for putting on makeup, I've been using a vanity and it's actually a lovely form of self care. Most of my adult primping has been done standing at the bathroom mirror, but this is a much more refined approach and I love setting up all my lotions, potions and sentimental objects like this photo of my mom circa 1960 and my little good luck fairy that I made a few years ago.

Here's how she started out- an excellent Facebook Marketplace find. In the photo above, she doesn't look too back, but I think you can see below that there was quite a bit of wear and tear. 

Anyway, I love her and next I will share some photos of the dresser which was my grandparents and now looks like a long lost sister to my darling dressing table. 

Take care, friends!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Welcome Emily! 

This sweet doll is from Shiny Happy World, a site that is new to me. The creator behind the site is Wendi Gratz- an enormously talented fiber artist. I made Emily from the Mollie pattern. I can't say enough good things about this pattern. Obviously, I gave Emily a different face, but for the most part, I followed the pattern exactly and it was a delight! This doll is simple, VERY huggable, fun to think about making clothes for too.

She will be heading off to Enchanted Makeovers, along with a few more yet-to-be-created dolls. I love the mission behind Enchanted Makeovers and am so excited to participate!

It feels very good to be making dolls again!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sharing a Timely Poem

This was shared with me today and I hope you will click over to read it. Alexander McCall Smith is an author whose works I am not familiar with, but now that I've read his beautiful poem about these times we find ourselves in, I will definitely be reading his books!

Enjoy, be well.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Prepping for Spring Craft Fair

Happy March, Lovelies! I hope your month is off to a great start. I'm back with my report on how I did on my February goals. The biggest goal was to submit my application for the Spring Craft Show to be held in May. I did complete my cute little red riding hood and made a few Valentines gifties, but the bulk of my attention was spent crafting inventory and prepping my displays.

These are the photos I submitted with our application plus a few more that my sister-in-law took on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be accepted! They review the applications on March 6th. Please wish me luck!

Enjoy the photos and I'll give you the goal report at the end:

The full view

Zooming on jars, cans and bottles- most of them painted with chalk paint and decoupaged with napkins. Deb makes the beautiful prayer flags- I know they're going to sell!

This little pillow is our whole philosophy- redeeming the discarded and making it beautiful.

These cans are pencil holders and the ones with moss are candle holders. I followed a tutorial on YouTube from Mark Montano to make them and I used digital downloads from Ephemera's Vintage Garden for the imagery- I think they're gorgeous!

I also did quite a bit of paper crafting inspired by Amber (Lyric Lover Crafts) on YouTube. 

I love this collection with the black and white florals and plan to make lots more! I also want to make more of these spool fairies- they are just so sweet.

Simple chalk painted lotion dispenser pumps.

I love these little paper bird house plant stakes and I've made four so far. I learned this craft from my paper crafting friend in Denmark, Pernille.

I think the pink roses are my favorite! Do you see how each flag in Deb's banner has a different virtue? So sweet!

I have been having so much fun revamping these wood hangers. From pedestrian to magical! I say that they are hangers your clothes would be proud to be seen with. Wouldn't they be wonderful for photo shoots or for hanging your outfit for work- what motivation to get dressed in the morning!

And a couple of sweet flower pots. We want the booth to feel like an enchanted garden and I plan to make more moss balls and tussie mussies. I am also making over sized pink coffee filter roses that we'll frame out our booth with. 

So my goals for February were:
  1. Submit application for craft fair- DONE!
  2. Finish craft booth displays- Almost done- few more coffee filter flowers!
  3. Four blog posts- I made three.
  4. Join a Facebook group for California crafters - I did, but it didn't really help me the way I thought it would. I wanted leads for good craft fairs in my area and help in navigating the process of obtaining my sellers permit.
  5. Lose four pounds- I lost one. :-(
  6. Make a $500 credit card payment- Made a $1,000 payment!
So, good month, all in all. I'll let you know what I hear from the organizers of the fair! Happy making, Friends!