Friday, December 23, 2022

Project 333 for January-February-March 2023

Look at this minimal closet! I'm so excited about it. I'm mortified by how much I have in boxes, other closets and in my hope chest- yikes! I haven't done Project 333 since 2015- I'm really looking forward to this.

If you've never heard about Project 333, it's a pretty genius method of simplifying your wardrobe in a very low risk way. It is the brain child of blogger and author, Courtney Carver. You can read more about it at this link:

Essentially, you select 33 items of clothing and accessories and commit to wearing only those items for three months. You box up the rest of your stuff and "foget aboud it!" until the three months are over. Generally, you'll want to do these seasons, but certainly feel free to start wherever you are on the calendar:
January, February, March
April, May, June
July, August, September
October, November, December

So, what have we got here?
Eileen Fisher organic cotton duster (got this on clearance a couple of years ago)

My beloved sherpa coat. I made this in 2019 using Seamwork's Jill pattern. Excellent pattern- went together like a dream.

Worthington skinny pants that are really at the end of their useful life, but I need three more months!

Wide leg ponte pants that I made from a great pattern online.

Dark charcoal Eileen Fisher secret pajamas pants from the thrift store.

Lee skinny pull on jeans (that look anything but skinny!).

INC dress from the thrift store (ain't it great?)

I know- who wears skater dresses anymore? It's just a really good work horse from Kohl's circa 2014.

Worthington blazer from same time that I got the skinny pants. I will say that it's a pretty cute suit that dresses up and down with ease.

Thrifted sweater vest- love this!

Basic turtleneck in a soft black.

Worthington V-neck sweater that I bought last year, but it really hasn't held up very well.

Very pretty thrifted blouse. It has a shine to it and it looks so nice on.

Worthington blouse from 2019- I always get compliments on this.

Gray and white striped Old Navy blouse of amazing quality!

Cute gray marled sweater- thrifted.

a.n.a. blouse- love this fun pattern. It has black and navy in it which is really different.

Liz Claiborne blouse. One of my favorites.

Gorgeous thrifted shawl- we'll see if I actually where this...

This was the hardest edit for me- jewelry! I am not counting my wedding ring and my apple watch as I wear them every day. The items I chose are a long pearl strand, an initial "B" necklace, black and clear crystal necklace and bracelet, nice big pearl dangles and a pair of gold hoops. Jewelry is one of my favorite things and, while any "collection" can become out of hand, jewelry really doesn't take up a lot of room, but can add a lot of versatility to a wardrobe. This might be the one thing where Courtney Carver and I disagree.

Cute Clark's slip on loafers, Amazon Chelsea boots (cheap, but so cute!), Franco Sarto booties that I love to look at, but not necessarily wear because of the 3" heels and lastly, riding boots from Kohl's eight years ago.

Beautiful vintage eel skin clutch purse from the thrift store.

What I call my scrappy bag. I loved making this! It's my every day purse.
This is my Amazon Basics red turtleneck- so good! (It's in the wash which is why you're looking at my sad going-to-work face!)

Best dress in the world! Made this from Seamwork Tacara pattern in a hot pink cotton jersey. I love this dress and can't wait to make it again.

So, anyway, there they are - 31 pieces for the next three months. I have the ability to add two more and I think I will raid my boxed up accessories! I'll let you know! 

I will probably post some of my favorite looks throughout the season. I sure hope I'm not sweltering by the end of March. It can be hard to know in Sacramento.

Anyway, that's it! Do you do capsule wardrobes? I'd love to know about your experiences.

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