Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Vintage Vanity Makeover - So Cottagecore!

Isn't she a beauty? 
I get to appropriate the word cottagecore because Holly Hobbie is my spirit animal and has been since I was nine years old! I've always been the girl in love with Laura Ashley and all things English so I have been so excited about this "trend"? For me, it's just who I am!

For this project, I used Chalk Mountain Paint in Patina Green (#50). I love these paints! I've been purchasing them for a number of years, but Patina Green is a new-to-me color and I am in love. The lamps are also Patina Green, but with a dark wax. Obviously for my dressing table, I used white wax over darling little wild flower transfers by Redesign with Prima. They're called Botanical Paradise and I purchased them from this etsy shop. I used clear wax and white wax from FolkArt and I gotta say, I really like these waxes. No smell and easy to use- what's not to love?

I'm pretty new to white wax. This and my dresser are the first furniture I've used it on. It's definitely not perfect, but I really love the overall effect and I am so happy I did this. 

Ever since moving up to a high magnification lighted mirror for putting on makeup, I've been using a vanity and it's actually a lovely form of self care. Most of my adult primping has been done standing at the bathroom mirror, but this is a much more refined approach and I love setting up all my lotions, potions and sentimental objects like this photo of my mom circa 1960 and my little good luck fairy that I made a few years ago.

Here's how she started out- an excellent Facebook Marketplace find. In the photo above, she doesn't look too back, but I think you can see below that there was quite a bit of wear and tear. 

Anyway, I love her and next I will share some photos of the dresser which was my grandparents and now looks like a long lost sister to my darling dressing table. 

Take care, friends!

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