Friday, January 31, 2020

January Goals Recap and A Look at the February Goals

We are at the end of January and I am claiming success over my January goals!

To recap, those goals were:
  1. Lose four pounds. DONE! As of the 30th, I have lost 6!
  2. Earn $100 in my creative business. DONE! I have earned $167 with little side hustles!
  3. Pay off $500 in credit card debt. DONE! We paid $1,138 towards our credit card debt!

Now, to February. What are the February goals? First, let’s look at the bigger 2020 goals:
  1. Lose 52 pounds
  2. Earn $1,200 through Tender Arts Studio
  3. Pay off $10K of credit card debt
  4. Refinance house

So, I will say that trying to break up earning $1,200 into 12 months doesn’t really translate as well as I’d like. The money I made in January was more from selling excess household goods and to say it was through Tender Arts is a bit of a fudge. 

However… I do have some good income potential through this craft fair coming up in May. To make that happen, there are a number of steps to go through. First off, this Sunday, Deb and I are going to try to set up our craft booth in her spare room or maybe out on the patio and take photos so we can submit them with our application. I do not feel ready for that!

Then, there is the application itself and the fair requires a sellers permit and that seems complex, but the income potential is there and I’ve always said that I want to see how people react to my little cans and jars in real life to gauge if they’re actually sell-able. So, I think I need to focus on getting ready for that rather than trying to earn another $100 in February. 

Therefore, my February goals are:
  1. Get the temporary sellers permit
  2. Join a FB group for California crafters
  3. Finish the application process for Orangevale craft show
  4. Lose four pounds
  5. Pay off $500 in credit card debt
  6. Publish four blog posts

It's a little daunting, but very exciting!

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