Sunday, December 08, 2019

Lying Low and Cozy

Here it is the 8th of December and I don't even have a tree up! It's been an intense couple of months and Christmas has snuck up on me.

I'm nursing a cold this weekend and taking it pretty easy. I did spend some time up in the attic and only came down with my little grandma tree and a few boxes of decor. I think my theme this year will be "minimalist"! Last year I did Christmas in a big way, but this year I'm definitely keeping it simple.

I made one of our favorite dishes for lunch today- it's a vegan recipe called Atkilt which I understand is a type of Ethiopian stew. Simple ingredients (cabbage, carrots, potatoes), complex flavors (turmeric, cumin, ginger) and so satisfying. Here are some process photos:
Since this dish relies on fresh veggies, I do all the chopping first so I'm ready for each step. (The recipe calls for onion, but I needed to use up some shallots.)

I also combine all the spices.

The cabbage takes up a lot of room initially, but it does cook down.
So delicious and satisfying. This is the recipe, but I'll give you a tip:  pre-cook your potatoes or you'll be waiting for them to cook forever!

After our yummy stew, I treated us to vegan hot chocolate. Delicious! The recipe came from Chocolate Covered Katie- she has lots of great looking recipes and I can't wait to try more!

The sun has come out a bit and my tummy is full and happy - maybe I'm ready to tackle a little "hall decking". Happy making, friends!

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