Saturday, July 15, 2017

Making my Goodbyes

While we only lived here for two years, I did do my best to make it a true home for us. Not long after we moved in, Pete traveled to Hamburg to visit his son, Nick. While he was gone, I decorated our bedroom to surprise him when he got home. He had me beat on the surprise department, though, because he brought home an engagement ring! Maybe that's all part and parcel of why this bedroom has been so special to me.

I went a little out of my comfort zone and used more and deeper colors than I usually would in a bedroom. I stumbled upon the very beautiful Waverly Flourish in Clay on sale for $10 at Hancock Fabrics (I sure miss that store!) and was inspired to use it. I lined the curtains with black out fabric because Pete was working a lot of midnight shifts at the time and I wanted to create an enveloping space to sleep in during the day.

There was just enough fabric on the bolt to do the curtains and two small pillows for the bed. Amazingly, I found the quilt and shams at Target in the Threshold line- what an incredible match! The coral sheets were also from Target and I loved the way they worked with the drapery fabric.

I used inexpensive wooden blinds from Big Lots to create a valance of sorts behind the curtains. I like the way it softened the area above the actual window. I really wanted the draperies to be high and wide and I LOVED the effect it created.
These hanging lamps are so fun! I bought them at a garage sale and gave them this awesome rust treatment to grunge them up. I think they'll be getting a whole new makeover for the art room/guest room in the new house. 

Already packed up all my pretties from vintage desk before I thought to take these pictures. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I think this desk will be in the art/guest room. It will be fun to decorate that room!

Unlike the living room, this room gets a lot of light- perfect for OOTD shots!

Anyway, my inspiration for our new bedroom is much different and much more to my usual style- I'm really looking forward to a cottage inspired blue and white bedroom, especially after seeing this one in a recent Country Living.
So, while I'm a little sad to say goodbye to my current bedroom, I am really looking forward to a fresh start!

Happy making, Friends!

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