Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Lost Spell Book of Beatrice Goode

I had such fun working on this crazy "spell" book! It's my first project using an altered book and it was really a learning process. The first thing I learned is that one should always remove more pages that one thinks are necessary. This book got SO fat! The second thing I learned is that the book used should have a very strong binding. The embellishments really test the binding.

In a way, though, both of these problems suit the story which is this:

In 1929, our protagonist, Beatrice Goode, was 10 years old when the stock market crashed. Her mother, who should have passed on her witchly wisdom to her daughter, was much too distraught over the family's reversal of fortune. They had to sell everything just to stay afloat and life after the crash was drastically different than life before. Beatrice had to create her spell book in an old novel.

Without further ado, I give you The Lost Spell Book of Beatrice Goode:

I did a video too, but the lighting was terrible! 

Anyway, it is a fun book appropriate for this spooky season! I don't think I'll be selling this one, but perhaps I'll use it record Halloween memories.

Happy making, friends!

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