Monday, July 25, 2016

The Queen Elizabeth Junk Journal

This journal is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth and all things British! It started with the discovery of a colorful road atlas of the British Isles. It's a fun, colorful look at the Queen's early life.
I had such fun collecting all the elements for this book. I found printable papers with an English theme from Lilli Bimble- so darling! Then I found the mother lode!

One seller on etsy, The Antique Parlor, had a book from the 50's about Queen Elizabeth (the bookmark in the photo below was the spine of the book!) that was full of wonderful old photographs of the queen and her family. 

Some of the printables are from Ephemera's Vintage Garden. I blame Debbie, the owner, for my junk journal obsession! Her work is so beautiful and inspiring! I joined her Facebook group, Vintage Junk Journals and it is so much fun to see what people create with her digital graphics. If you have not visited her website, I highly encourage it, but be forewarned- it's addictive!

The same seller that had the book also had a baggie of Queen Elizabeth postage stamps and commemorative pin back buttons- so awesome!
I really love this book- it's chunky and full of delightful vintage treasures! It also marked my first time doing a cross stitch to hold the signatures to the book spine which was a fun learning experiment!
I used navy and white baker's twine for the stitching. The book I used for the covers is from1898 and it has wonderful texture, but it was fragile so I strengthened the spine with the cheery red and white gingham. I went a little light on the spine embellishments- just one of the commemorative buttons. 
The whole feel of the book to me is gender neutral so it can be enjoyed by an Anglophile of either sex. It has tons of pockets, tags and one of my favorite elements, little booklets. 
This book is currently in my etsy shop here:
and there is a video flip through on youtube here:

Anyway, the list of junk journal ideas in my head is long, so I need to get back to the work table- happy crafting, friends!

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