Sunday, February 01, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday and a House Tour

 Most Sundays are spent with that little cutie above there. :-)  That's the grandbaby- Jamie Quinn. What a little dolly, right?
Pete and I usually make pancakes every Sunday for her, but once in a while we take her out. These photos are from Panera a few weeks ago. See the little doll she's carrying around in her shirt? She thought that up all by herself!

This Sunday, we did something a little different- we hosted a Super Bowl Party! Since the whole house was all pretty all at once (that never happens!) I thought I would take some pics.
 The mirror above I decoupaged with zebra cocktail napkins! I love it! The excellent afghan was made by Pete's mother years ago. I never got to meet her, but that blanket makes me feel like we would have been kindred spirits.
I love my armchairs, but they are too brown for me. I'm avidly reading online tutorials about painting upholstery- how fun is that idea? I love this picture because my patio actually looks so pleasant! It's a north facing window and is under a redwood tree. Usually the patio is full of redwood duff and is dark, dark, dark. Today the sun came out for a bit and the camellias are full of blooms- how charming!
The yellow desk above is one I grew up with. I recently painted it this happy yellow. The photo is showing it to be more bright than it really is.
 Gah- wires! The bane of my existence! 

Turning a little further to the left is my dining area. See my new coffee station? I'm very proud of it and I can't believe how much real estate I've gained in my tiny kitchen!

I'm not going to show you much of the kitchen- it's a 1980's bland apartment kitchen with ugly pressed "wood" cupboards and almond formica counter tops. I did gussy it up once and I really liked it, but my teenage boys were still living with me then and my bargain re-do couldn't hold up to those boys!

Our bedroom wearing its winter comforter- how I hate getting out of this bed on weekday mornings!

I found this dresser a million years ago in a dumpster enclosure! It's a lovely old thing! Pete grew up in Hawaii so I painted this design inspired by the beautiful quilts there. The colors are a little off here- the design is my "signature" green on a pale aqua ground- I love looking at it!

Here's where the wee babe sleeps at Nana and Poppi's house. There's a bit of a mess here, but I think you get the idea! This is also the room where I craft so you can see why it's messy!

And lastly, my nice big bathroom! I actually really love this room- it's spacious and comfortable and it makes me so happy to see all my blue plates in one place.

We had a fun party; ate a lot and enjoyed the commercials and the company! And I'm thankful for the opportunity to show off my little nest!

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