Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Custom Button Box

I'm late to the party, but I made it!!! After Plan A and Plan B didn't work out, I happily decided on Plan C which is this wonderful pin from In My Own Style by Diane. I love these colorful boxes!

And I had a real need for some organization as evidenced by my button collection below:
I had buttons in all sorts of containers, in different places. I rounded them up and came up with a plan that involved this Tony Hawk shoe box and the gingham fabric it is resting upon:

A quick coat of spray primer:

And then I covered it using Diane's very helpful tutorial:

I loved embellishing it! I used the selvage edge of some ticking and vintage rickrack.

I added a sweet little chalkboard heart tied on with more ticking selvage that hints at the contents:

And inside the box is super user friendly button storage! 

Each little cup / bucket houses a separate color of button and can easily be removed for whatever project I am currently working on:

I have to laugh though- this project contains a lot of similarities to my last project- the Valentine's Box! Completely unintentional, but amusing none-the-less!

Thank you so much to Young House Love, Bower Power, The Remodeled Life and Decor And The Dog for getting me to actually attempt one of my pins! A great exercise in getting something done!

Hugs to all!

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