Monday, October 01, 2012

There she goes again!

That Miss Mustard Seed! On her blog, Marian often writes about running a creative business and last week while on vacation she had guest bloggers write about their creative businesses. One of her guests, Jamie, bravely spoke about her "pie in the sky" dreams, reasoning that if speaking the dream helps it to happen then she would do so. After she wrote her dream of having some of her pieces being picked up by Anthropologie, she said, "There. I've said it."

Marian's post today invited her readers to share their big dreams too. So, I did. But since I seem to all about full disclosure around here lately, I thought I would put it here on my own blog too.  So, here is what I wrote:

I want to own a suburban farm- one that is accessible to the public. I want to invite community groups in to experience a little bit of farm life- spin wool, help with the honey, harvest the walnuts and pumpkins, etc. I also want it to have a big beautiful barn to serve as a venue for weddings and other special parties as well as hosting a couple of amazing barn sales every year where local artisans could come and sell their wares. There. I said it!

A few people in my life know about this VERY "pie in the sky" dream. I can recite all the obstacles to my dream (I know there are many), but that is not what this post is about. This is about putting it out there and celebrating that I have a dream! It means I am still a hopelessly optimistic dreamer and I really wouldn't want to be any other way!

These images are from two of my Pinterest Boards- "The Venue" and "Green Acres". So you see, I've had my little farm dreams for a while!

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