Sunday, May 27, 2012

Imperfectly Perfect

I was coming down the hallway to stir my pot of "Continental Beef" and the sight of my kitchen just made me smile!  I was especially enjoying the yellow and orange dish towels on the oven handle below my vintage Metlox Poppy Trail plate.  Yes, there's mess there too, but it didn't diminish my cozy happy feelings upon seeing my Storybrook inspired space.  The delicious smell of the beef simmering in my mother's old Magnalite skillet might have helped too!

Went to a new church today.  Like my kitchen, it was imperfectly perfect as well.  Over 50 years old and served by an interim pastor, but just as welcoming and loving as one would wish.  I love this photo on their website of their origins!
It's a UCC church, so I feel I'm in good company:
I have a feeling that I've finally found my church home!  In the process of discovering the church, I also discovered an entire neighborhood that I'd like to eventually call home.  South Land Park grew up around William Land Park where our Sacramento Zoo is located.  I love the mix of 1930's to 1950's architecture.  I hope that when I'm ready to move, I'll be able to afford a little place here - just too cute!

This has been a great weekend- no barbecues or outdoor excursions, but plenty of rest and relaxation just the same!  Cleaned out my fabric stash and made a list of projects to work on- can anything be more fun than that?!

Hugs to all!

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  1. Hi Betsi,

    Sounds like a nice weekend. I stayed indoors for the most part as well - too hot out for me. I hope you enjoy your new church!

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