Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disco Rainbow Reindeer All Across The Sky!

How do you like our herd? Eric wanted to give little treats to his friends at school tomorrow. At first we were just adding ribbon to these little darlings and then I remembered the old reindeer craft. It seemed appropriate that since these were pretty fancy candy canes they needed equally fancy antlers. Then we ran out of googly eyes and substituted these wonderful faceted bead. Too cute!
And while Eric and I were busy with the glue guns and Max was doing what he does best, Bob found a perfect opportunity for some lap time!
He sure looks cozy, doesn't he?

We're expecting a doozy of a storm the next few days! Yikes! Lets all just stay as cozy and dry as we can, shall we? Hope you all are getting time to enjoy the small things right now. Hugs to all!

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