Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tale of a Teapot

I'm hooking up to My Cottage Charm's "Treasures and Trinkets" today! She recently picked up a beautiful Haviland teapot at a garage sale which reminded me of one of my favorite teapots. That lemon beauty there, hiding behind Francis, was picked up for just a few dollars at Goodwill shortly after Earl and I split. I loved it because it was the perfect accompaniment to my "make lemonade" attitude that I was cultivating in myself.

Sadly, I didn't have it for long. It met every teapot's worse son, Max! That's alright- I kept the pieces and plan to use them for a mosaic that is "brewing" on the back burner!

2 friends said....:

  1. Sorry Max got the best of your teapot, but it was pretty while it lasted and I'm sure it will be beautiful in a mosaic! :) I have a stained glass chandelier that I've been thinking about taking apart and using for a mosaic....just not sure what I want to mosaic! I took it down and replaced it with the chandelier I redid. (if you want to see it, it's about 4 or 5 posts back.)
    Thanks for linking up to my party today, so glad you could come! :)

  2. I bet your tea pot will be LOVELY in a mosaic! I LOVE your positive attitude and in fact your Abe Lincoln quote is my FAVORITE QUOTE! ;-)


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