Friday, May 09, 2008

SALE! and Pay It Forward

ConvenZioNE, here I come! I just learned this week about this wonderful altered art convention/workshop/party coming in August. I am so excited about this for two BIG reasons! First- it's in Pleasanton where Sandra, my best-est friend in the world lives and
Second- my darling new friend, Lisa Kettell, is one of the instructors!

Is that serendipitous or what? Sandra, who has loved me since I was nine, invited me to join her this coming weekend in Las Vegas for our annual Mother's Day fun, but I had to decline for financial reasons. I'm super stoked to think we can spend a weekend together in August! Get our girl time in!
Lisa, who I know that I talk about all the time lately, lives in New Jersey so this is an incredible opportunity to meet her that will probably never happen again!'s "Pleasanton or Bust" for me! I decided to mark down the pretties in my shop to help fund the trip. Everything has been marked down a little more than 30%. A little angel recently gifted some cash to me so that's my "seed" money. Now let's see if I can sell some inventory to help the cause a bit!

If you feel inclined to share the news of the sale, I would appreciate it very much! Or, if you feel inclined to shop, I would appreciate it very, very much! Thank you, sweet friends!


In appreciation of the angel I mentioned above AND dear Amanda who recently gifted me as part of her "Pay It Forward", I would now like to do the same! This is how it works: as a love token for my sweet friends, the first six commenters on this post will receive a little something from me in the mail. Make sure that your comment includes some way for me to respond to you so I can get your mailing address. There's nothing required from you, but if you are inclined, you can pay forward a little kindness to three peeps in your life! You don't have to have a blog to be included. You can pay it forward "blog free"! I am choosing to gift six people instead of three because I have been twice blessed this week. So, please, let me send a little mail love your way. Remember, it's grooooovy!

8 friends said....:

  1. I would love to be one of the six, but if sending to the uk is too much i understand. Your work is beautiful.
    I hope you get the moneys together for your trip :)

  2. I'm glad I'm reading blogs early today! I love the PIF concept, hooray to you for continuing it! Sounds like a great convention, have fun!

  3. I win. And you dont even have to ship it <3

  4. Your trip to LV sounds great although it makes me sad that you have to mark down your beautiful dolls. Good luck with the sale :-)

  5. Such gorgeous dolls! I'm running far behind the pirate pack (all that rum?!?) but just wanted to say hello and thanks for visiting!

  6. Just back from a week-end getaway - thanks for the chance to participate. BTW, love the doll with the crown!

  7. I'm so excited, we are all gonna have lots of fun at the convention next year! I'm already in Conventionzine mode! LOL!
    You are brilliant Miss Bettsi!

  8. Good luck raising the funds you need!! I'll blog about your sale in my next post (If I don't nod off for a week again, I am so exhausted lately).


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