Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Waving Hi!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was pretty quiet, but we did have a super nice visit with my brother, Jonathan and my sister-in-law, Deb, when they had dinner with us Sunday night. We had not gotten together in so long! It was great to catch up. They are talking about getting a pair of doggies! Maybe a pair of Bassett Hounds!!! My favorites!
Isn't this cute? I was organizing my pics on flickr and was so happy to see these again.

This is Happy Clowners! I made him in 2005 from Edith Flack Ackley's 1929 book, "Marionettes". Isn't he the cutest thing? But we don't have him any more. I sold him not long after I made him and my Eric has not stopped talking about him since. It's funny because when I made Happy, Eric was concerned about having a creepy clown in the house. I tried very hard to make sure that Happy would be cute and not creepy and I guess I succeeded! Anyway, I am hoping that this coming weekend, I can make another. And this time, I am NOT going to put him up for sale!
Hugs to all!

6 friends said....:

  1. I tell you what, I'm not a huge fan of clowns either, but he is really cute! (*oops* did I just say that)

  2. Yes, you need to make another Happy.. he is very cute! I love EFA dolls.

    Cute idea to make a cell charm out of the tic-tac-toe button. :)

  3. He is cute! I have looked at the book before, but was a little intimidated to even try one. Love the little Chuck Taylor shoes. He looks like a very friendly happy clown.

  4. I love clowns, I think they are great. Your happy clown is gorgeous. I hope the new one turns out as well as this one!

  5. I just love this doll, its gorgeous and the book sounds wonderful, so vintage!

  6. I've always loved that little clown doll (I've spied him before in the backround of pictures). He looks like Caillou to me.

    I just asked Mason (7) what the little clowns name is and he said "Calliou". I'm not alone!

    (if you don't know Calliou check out


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