Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hamburger Pie, Me Oh My!

Do you know Hamburger Pie? It is good old fashioned comfort food is what it is. I hadn't made it in ages and so I was pretty excited last night when I thought of it. Then, when it came out of the oven looking this delicious, I had to snap it's picture. It's really one of those kind of bizarre fifties recipes, really, but it's so satisfying. Mine is made with lean ground turkey, browned. Add a can of tomato soup, a little water, a drained can of shorty green beans and top with cooked mashed potatoes (instant, of course!). Then sprinkle with whatever cheese you have, mine happened to be parmesan this time, but usually it's cheddar and bake uncovered for 25 minutes in a 350° oven. Voila! Yummy housewifey goodness!

And in "On My Desk Wednesday" action, I have this little cutie heading to her new home:
So, that is one swap out of the way! I won't say anymore about this little dotee fairy, because I want Amanda to discover her for herself. Amanda, look under the pink shreds too, okay? She is coming to you via First Class so you should have her in few days.

Hugs to all!

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  1. YUM! That does look good! My favorite comfort food staple is shepherds pie - fairly similar to hamburger pie.

  2. ooh that hamburger pie looks lovely! I love your little swap, it's so cute.
    I've left an award for you over at my blog! :D

  3. Your little swap is sweet! I just fell in love with your Amelia. She is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your other birthday girls. Beautiful work!

  4. Ohhhh she's so sweet! It looks like she's sleeping in a little bed of pink fluff. I can't wait to see her!

  5. What a sweet doll! Love the colour.

    We eat something similar- Shepherd's Pie (lamb mince) or Cottage Pie (Beef mince). Years ago when we lived in Wales, we had son's friend over for dinner. He must've only been 4 or 5 at the time and a farmer's son (1st language Welsh). I told him it was shepherd's pie and didn't think anything of it. When Aneurin his dad came to pick him up later he whispered "I've had shepherd's pie". Aneurin his dad explained, so then we all joked that I hadn't really run up and down the mountains chasing shepherds off their quad bikes to put in the range. Years later I still teased him about that one.

  6. hello! thanks for stopping by my blog! Your hamburger pie looks fantastic. Its one of my sons favorite foods! but I dont make it, his buddy's mother does and invites him over when ever they have it!
    Your doll is wonderful.. I'll have to remember you for the next doll swap I host!! do you do miniatures? I have a miniature swap going right now. Should get some pretty amazing results from it!! watch to see.. it'll be may 10th or later before the outcome pictures are posted.. but stop to visit again soon anyways!

  7. What beautiful dolls you make. Amelia is lovely.
    I haven't made a doll for ages, and i have been itching to start playing with some clothe again. I am glad i found you on flickr, your dolls have totally inspired me.... just as soon as i get some of these W.I.P's out of the way ;)
    Thanks for the uplifting comment when you visited my blog :)


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