Friday, April 11, 2008

The artist is not a special kind of person, but each person is a special kind of artist.

(Photo by my young friend, Rachel Bale-great perspective, eh?)

The quote above is by Kelee Katillac, the author of House of Belief. It's a great book, by the way. Anyhow, I have this quote taped over my desk to remind me that my work is fine. To remind me to stop censoring myself. To remind me that I have something to offer- that we all do. Like many of you, I was encouraged to develop certain talents over others. My mother was very concerned that Art could never be a proper vocation and that I would be wise to become a secretary. And here I am. In an office all day and sneaking in my creative work on my free time.

If you have ever felt that your creativity was "wrong" or not valuable or not worthy of spending time on, I hope you will follow this link to the blog Bella Dia. Her post is better than mine and the video she shares is better than both of our posts. It is a twenty minute video, but so worth watching. Really, really wonderful stuff. Especially as it pertains to our children. Nurturing creativity is ALWAYS a good idea!

2 friends said....:

  1. Thank you for posting that quote! I struggle with thinking of myself as an artist but I do think it's important. I'm working on that - the quote will help. By the way, thank you so so much for the beautiful fairy dotee, I love her! I put her picture on my blog, my flickr, everywhere! She's too sweet not to.

  2. I had an obsessively clean and tidy mother. My white school socks were boiled white -they shrank of course and were uncomfortable, but it was important to my mother that they were white. This I think sums up our different characters.

    I let my children make messes and explore. They need encouragement not the "don't do that it's messy" sort of parenting. Thanks for highlighting this in your blog.


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