Saturday, March 22, 2008

We're ready

for the Easter Bunny here in the doll cabinet! Here are some pretty decoupage eggs. I bought some beautiful German scrap from fellow Cottage Street Team member, Popalicious Too. She has really lovely things at great prices.

And Wendy has a basket of blue eggs, but she needs to be more careful!

This little gal doesn't have much, but she does have some cute bunny ears!

These are my faux sugar eggs. They turned out pretty cute, but I also learned a lot too! Next year I will be much better at it.
Tomorrow, my stepfather will be joining us for dinner. Also, I have plans to wake up extra early to attend the sunrise service. I can't wait! I've been very busy making the house clean and nice and when the sun comes up tomorrow, I will take some photos of the "Easter Room" to show you how pretty everything turned out.
Have a Blessed Easter, Friends!

4 friends said....:

  1. Happy Easter! I love the doll photos, especially the one with Ginny, is she a Ginny, and the lady doll in the blue dress with the hat. . .such a sweet photo, makes me want to "play dolls", wishing you and your family a wonderful, blessed day, not just today, but everyday.

  2. Your sugar eggs look wonderful to me! They remind me of my childhood. Happy Easter!

  3. I love the eggs and of course I love the dolls!!
    Happy Easter Bettsi.

  4. What a cute post! "needs to be more careful" - so sweet! I love your doll pictures.


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