Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, I don't know how remarkable my pretty Easter room really is, but I was very pleased with it. Probably because it is the first time it has been clutter free since Christmas! I think one of the things that really tickled me was the fact that I used many of the sheets I picked up on my lucky thrift excursion last year. Even the "new" curtains are thrifted sheets! See the artwork hanging on the curtain below? That is an unfinished piece that Selah is working on. So pretty!

Anyway, now that the holiday is over, It will probably be a while before I see these surfaces again! Sometimes I think about how nice it will be to have a dedicated craft room, but most of the time I like sharing this space. I think I might get lonely shut up in a separate room.

Easter was lovely. Everything except the potato salad turned out great. I enjoyed seeing my stepfather and our friend, John, joined us too so it was really "just right". I actually had enough energy to do the dishes last night! How nice to have everything taken care of as we start the work week.
Now I need to start thinking about the next crafts! I have the urge to glitter AND sew!
Hugs to all!

5 friends said....:

  1. Hi Bettsi, glad you have a lovely Easter. Your cake plate is seriously gorgeous! You have a brilliant eye for detail.

  2. Allison, thank you! They are from the Dollar Tree. I swear that place is my secret weapon!

  3. Bettsi,
    Your Easter room and doll cabinet are wonderful!
    And I am so inspired by your commitment to walking!
    Glad you had a happy Easter!


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