Monday, March 31, 2008

Amelia and Swap Fever

Happy Monday, Friends! Amelia is in the shop and is really looking forward to finding a home. I had a terrible time photographing her yesterday. I tried to do it outside, but the shadows were so harsh! We ended up indoors with her back to the window. I think the resulting photos turned out beautifully! The color looks so soft and perfect for her.

I seem to have fallen under a mysterious spell or contracted some kind of horrendous malady! I can't stop signing up for swaps! Have I finished my first two- the card swap and the fairy dotee swap? No! But that didn't stop me from signing up for

  1. A Marie Antoinette box swap
  2. A Mermaid Seaside Pageant ATC swap
  3. A Princess, Pea & Tea Hat Swap
  4. A Fairytale Necklace Swap AND
  5. A Doll House Collaborative Book Swap!!!!

I'm blaming it all on my new friends over at The Faerie Zine. The moderator, Lisa Kettell is so energetic and full of such fun ideas, I can't resist! I mean, really! Don't those sound fun? The Marie Antoinette swap is actually hosted by a fellow blogger, but the rest are all from The Faerie Zine. But now, I must stop and focus on actually completing my swaps. I'm afraid of losing track! I've put all the swaps on my calendar and I am devoting a page of my notebook to each swap for noting ideas, etc.

Good weekend. Quiet, but that's okay. I do wish I'd had a little more energy, but sometimes you just gotta slow down a bit, ya know?

4 friends said....:

  1. Hia Bettsi, well done for signing up to the swaps. I just haven't had the courage to- you know the normal things- will a stranger like what I've made?, can I make something I am proud of in a reasonable amount of time? etc.

    So seriously well done at taking on the challenge so people like me can be inspired by more of your and other crafters' works.

  2. I'm so excited, you mentioned my name, again making my day.
    These swaps are going to be amazing, I've been working on them from now, I too can't resist swaps, LOL, as you can see! LOL!.

    I encourage everyone to join, because art is beautiful no matter who creates it and no matter what it is!

    Just started blogging again!
    P.S. I'm adding your blog to mine!

  3. ooh you've gone swapping crazy! Fabulous. :D

  4. Oh yes swaps can become addictive. I'm currently involved with three different mini quilt swaps. After those are all done I'm forcing myself to back off of the swaps for a bit so that I can finish projects around the house. :-)


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