Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ahhh, Mental Health Break!

Hello Friends!

I took this morning off of work since my weekend was full of teenage girls! My newest daughter, Selah, celebrated her 18th birthday this weekend with a slumber party. Selah is staying with us for a while as she finishes high school and gets herself established. She is a joy to me- she crafts! Anyway, her actual birthday was yesterday and one of her gifts was this message board I made for her:
I know, the photo is horrible, but I think you can see how it's made. Two baking sheets, decoupaged paper squares, ribbon "frames" and a full set of marble magnet. I made a lot more than I needed, but it was so fun! I used pages from a "Children's Best Loved Literature" book that I bought at the last library sale. It had already been abused so I didn't feel to bad about what I was doing! Here's a close up of the magnets:In other crafting news- We've been making crowns around here! So fun! This first one is for one of my step granddaughters. She's a big Hannah Montana fan, so I made her a Super Star crown:
I think it's very joyful! Last night, Selah and I worked on some new crowns while Carmen helped us with the 1,001 decisions that go into this process! You might be surprised to learn that crown making is kind of hard! One center motif? Along this edge? Or this? Stones or shells? Which glitter? And so on! Anyway, Selah whipped out this amazing Mermaid Crown:

And I got started on what I am calling my May Queen Crown:

I am really loving it so far! The bluebirds were from a piece of scrapbooking paper. They actually are standing away from the crown because I used little pieces of foamcore between them and the crown. Then I added some irridescent glitter to outline the bluebirds. The actuall crown part is covered with some beautiful pink kimono fabric printed with blossoms. I have a lot more to do with it, but I think it's pretty sweet!

Speaking of crowns and blossoms, Molly (thanks for all the name help), the Blossom Queen is now listed for sale in my etsy shop. I have been feeling guilty for letting the shop sit empty, but this morning I said "Hey! I'm pretty darn busy with life and work. I do my best, but it's hardly worth beating myself up for!" And then I felt better!

Okay, so that's it for now! See, I have been busy! Hope the rest of you are having fun too!

One more thing! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Sandra, Happy Birthday to you! I love you my dear friend- I hope you have a wonderful day!

3 friends said....:

  1. Heehee! Thanks. Sandra

  2. Gorgeous crowns. And I love the message board, you really are so creative Bettsi!

  3. Hia Bettsi, what wonderful creations! I would never have thought about using a baking tray- pure genius! Thanks for posting the link for comfort dolls- I still haven't made them one yet and I was goign to before Halloween and then Christmas set in. Bad bad me!


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