Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hi Friends!

I didn't mean to be away so long. A bit of wheel spinning going on around here. Weird how that happens. We'll just be zooming along feeling productive and happy and then it feels like we've hit an oil slick or something.

I don't think I mentioned the Tree That Landed On Our Van. The day of the big storm last month found us driving down the street and getting nailed by a grumpy old tree. Happily, Earl and I are fine, but the van had over $8,000 damage! Thank goodness for insurance! Of course, the $500 deductible hurt a bit and it seems to have triggered a little landslide of unexpected expenses. Do you know the feeling? So...I've been focusing (okay, hyper-focusing) on the budget lately. It is a good and neccessary thing to do, but not neccesarily a "fun" thing.

I apologize for being MIA and I promise to get back to more regular posting. I've also been very neglectful of my favorite blogs, but I'm going to try to catch up this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who offered a name for my dolly. She is now officially "Millie Blossom". You couldn't see in the photos, but her dress is covered with pretty apple blossoms. I wish I had been with it enough to list her for Valentine's Day, but I wasn't so I didn't! That's okay- I'm sure the right home is out there waiting for her.

My little girl, Carmen (who I am sure I just gave birth to last week!), is turning eighteen in May AND graduating high school!!! I'm so excited about throwing a party for her! It will be an Old Fashioned Picnic and Ice Cream Social. I plan to have plenty of activities for all ages. I'm picturing Pink, Aqua, Black, White with a few Marachino Cherries thrown in for pop! As usual, I will be on a tight budget, so if you have some ideas for decor and favors, etc., I welcome them! The apron pics might give you an idea of the Aunt Bea/Mayberry kind of feel I am going for.

6 friends said....:

  1. I'm glad you weren't hurt, but I'm sorry to hear about your van and the tree. I know what you mean, expenses seem to come from nowhere and clump together making it worse. Good luck and stay safe!

  2. Oh my! Thank God you all were not injured or worse! I love the theme for your party. Good you are planning ahead. Whatever you do I am sure it will be great. Just have lots of sodas and it will be a hit! LOL

  3. That is funny really about your daughter, because I am pretty sure I only just gave birth to my son and he's seventeen this year! Time flies!
    I also am very glad that you are both alright and not hurt, but sorry to hear about the damage to your van.
    No suggestions for the party just yet I'm afraid, it's quite late here and my brain has gone into slumber. If I think of anything, I'll post again.
    Good to see you back!

  4. Hi Bettsi - I'm glad you are okay (tree) and the bday party sounds delightful! You'll have to take pix and share w/us how it turns out. Lucky girl ...
    Great visiting you!

  5. Wow on the tree! And, congrats on birthing a young adult. :0)

  6. Hello, Sweden here!! What a lovely blogg you svit!!So nice things!

    Thanks for the visit!!

    God Evening Millan


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