Sunday, January 20, 2008


I've been sick. Still have a fair amount of goo in my lungs. Wednesday was the last day I was really up and about. I had to take Carmen to the doctor twice because the first time she was in the new doctor kind of pooh-poohed her wheezing. I knew I should have pressed for a breathing treatment. Four hours later, Carmen called me from home and said her breathing was much worse so I rushed her back in where she had TWO breathing treatments and was put on a course of prednisone. Sometimes Mother really does know best.

And that was the last productive thing I was able to do. It hit me Thursday like a tidal wave and I've been in bed ever since. To call it a cold seems like such an understatement. It's got to be a flu. Anyway, whatever it was, it's just about over now. My house is a disaster. *sigh*

Hope all of you are having a better weekend than this!

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  1. I am sorry you all have it too. My dh has it right now. Glad you are on the upside. Dont worry about the house. LOL It isnt going anywhere!

  2. Hugs Bettsi hun, I hope you get through this soon. I've honestly not known a season like this for illnesses. Are you having wet weather too? I put it down to that over here.

    Get Well Soon

  3. aww I hope you are feeling better now.
    Mothers do know best. I have found especially with my asthma that doctors are not always right and to go with my gut instinct as to how ill I am. I hope Carmen is feeling better too.

  4. Sorry you've been so sick, Bettsi. My advice: forget the house and take care of yourself!!!
    Hope you feel better very soon!

  5. Bettsi - just popping in for a visit. I'm so sorry you have been ill. I really hope things are looking up soon! Love, Sandy


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