Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Introducing Miss Doris Daisy

Isn't she a fabulous way to begin a new year? I think so! I had two intentions while making her. First, to chase away the gray winter blahs with something sunshine-y. And second, to put this song, which gets stuck in my head all the time, into doll form.

I love Doris Day and I adore this happy little tune! Doris is in my shop right now, if you'd like to see more photos of her.

Edited to say: Ironically, I came from work and my little daughter, Carmen, said she had added the video to her blog! She hadn't even looked at mine. I guess I "infected" her with that little tune!

8 friends said....:

  1. You've already probably guessed that I love her! She certainly brought some sunshine this way when I looked at her pictures.
    Really really beautiful!

  2. She's lovely! This time I will be good and leave a chance for other people to get one of your dolls!

  3. Love her! Super Sunny. I sing DD songs all the time. Must be really annoying to others and that makes me perky. :0)

  4. She's very cute! : D Love the "don't eat the daisies" theme.

  5. Oh, Bettsi-
    I love Doris Day and absolutely love this doll!!!
    She is a real ray of sunshine!!

  6. She is gorgeous Bettsi! I love spots and gingham. Yes definately a ray of sunshine. Well done she looks superb. I wish I could wear tights like her legs. Why can I only find boring plain ones in my age?! :-)

  7. Love the video- the little girl dresses are wonderful... and of course the doll is perfect too!

  8. Hi Bettsi, Thanks for visiting. What a prett doll. I love her springtime colors, especially today! And her hair is beautiful.


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