Friday, January 11, 2008

I Heart Etsy!

I mean, really! Who doesn't? There is so much gorgeous handmade beauty over there! San, you should check out Right Turn Artwerks, she has some really beautiful lampwork beads that you would enjoy looking at. And Deb, this seller, Paperiaarre is in Finland making some amazing journals and jewelry using old black and white botanical illustrations. Josephine, Puppets 'n' Dolls is a place you will love for their old-fashioned appeal and their meticulous workmanship. Joseph Blake is an incredibly talented artist selling prints of his beautiful watercolors. Maisy Brown Repro Retro fabulous fashions make me wish I could be half as cool as she is! I shouldn't even show you Margaret's adorable doll shop, because you might not come back to Tender Arts! And lastly, one of my very favorite shops and a very nice seller besides is LuLus Sparkles- I have one of her decadent necklaces and everytime I wear it I feel amazing. So who do you love on Etsy? I'd love to check them out for myself. Put the name of your favorite shop in the comments and let's shop together!

Miss Doris is on her way to Vancouver! Thank you, Beata of the lovely Rose Hip for your purchase. I think your daughter will love her.

Dear Melanie of Jelly Bean Angel, I'm having trouble viewing your blog. It says I'm not invited. (*sniff, sniff*) If it's a mistake will you please email me?

Photos: Puppets 'n' Dolls, Joseph Blake, LuLu Sparkles

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  1. Hia Bettsi hun here have a tissue- can't have you dripping on your gorgeous dolls. I've sent you an invite so you can view and an email. Please let me know if youdon't get either.

    Oooh yes I LOVE Etsy! It was only reading a blog that I found out what it was. It's not known about widely in the UK. There are so many things I like on there, but I've only bought fabric and a dress so far.

  2. Yay! Doris found a new home! She's so cute, I knew she would!

    Thanks for adding to my etsy favorites list! What a fun topic!

    Others that I like, in no particular order, are (add to the end of each of these):

    stumppondtoy--I'm well on my way to buying every one of his beautiful handmade wooden toys

    dreamalittle7--I haven't bought one of her juicy bugs, but I certainly have been coveting them!

    BirdNerd--we own several bird pins, they're all so lovely!

    whileshenaps--speaking of coveting, those birds on the photo timer, I love them!

    LingGlass--I call her my personal jeweler, I love her pieces!

    lindanorton--one of my newer finds, I love her style of illustration.

  3. I have only just discovered Etsy, just like I have only just recently discovered this whole blog world. I have to put my friends Etsy which is 'kungpaokitten's Etsy shop' and one of my favourites is of course yours!
    I am glad Doris Daisy has found a home.

  4. awww shucks,thanks for the LuLu love! sorry so late commenting-i just googled my biz name and found this posting.thanks


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