Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That was fun! Let's do it again next year!

Those are the best events, aren't they? The ones you want to repeat? That's the consensus over Edith Flack Ackley Dolls about the "Dollies for St. Jude" event. Thank you to all who bid. I truly feel that there were some gorgeous dolls and I KNOW that some good was done. Thank you, especially, Mimi! I'm happy to know that Joanne is going to such a good home. Can she hang out with you in your garrett studio and watch the magic occasionally?

Speaking of magic, I was in need of a little this afternoon, so I got out my poor, neglected comfort doll who has been languishing in my little sewing satchel. She was almost completed so it was really a pleasure to see the final elements fall into place. I've been so busy lately and I have not been true to my Handmade Pledge, sadly. It felt really nice to sit and sew quietly. Even though this doll has a mission in life, the creation of her was all in my hands. The only caveat to the Comfort Dolls is that they need to be under six inches. Other than that, anything goes. Everything about her, from her shape to her embroidery to her ribbon embellishments, is pure freehanded Bettsi. That's a big change for me and it feels good. It's good to be reminded sometimes that good things can happen when we "let go" a little bit. I was trying to emphasize contrasting textures because these dolls are for holding and I think a lot of texture is comforting.
So, she is off to Pat in Indiana to distribute to the next women's shelter. I hope all of you are finding magic and comfort where you can and not feeling too much holiday stress!

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