Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Have Something For You! Folkbird: A Free Pattern

Say hello to Folkbird! She is for you! She is a very sweet and humble bird inspired by our new canary. Don't worry- I know Folkbird doesn't look like a canary! I was actually trying to re-create a bird that I used to make all the time with saltdough. Carmen always loved them, but none have survived the years. As you can see, this one has become an ornament, but they would make nice pincushions too. Actually, I could never stick pins in her, but you can if you don't tell me about it!

Here is a front view of Folkbird. Not really sure why she looks so yellow in this shot.
On one side I tried to embroider the year. The felt I used is extremely thick and fuzzy so it was very challenging to get those little tiny numbers! If you use regular acrylic or wool craft felt, it should be easy-peasy. I had so much fun making her that now I am making a blue Folkbird. That's the other thing I like about this pattern- it's small so it goes together pretty fast. You can have lots of fun doing different combinations of colors and design motifs. I've included the heart and leaf motif on the pattern, but consider it just a guide. You are free to use birds from this pattern for gifts and for sale, but the pattern is for giving only-it should never be for sale. I'm not putting any limitations on her, but I would LOVE to see photos if you decide to make one.

Happy Holidays, dear friends. I am wishing you all much joy of the season! Thank you for being a part of my crafty dollmaking life!

Clicking the image above will take you to a .pdf for you to print.

8 friends said....:

  1. That's sweet! Do you think velveteen would be do-able?

  2. I think velveteen would look adorable, but I would be concerned about fraying. I guess that's why they invented Fray-Check, eh?

  3. I didn't read the pattern carefully to see the wing was a single peice of fabric, edge stitched. Just an old machine sewer here...

  4. Awww - she's sweet - too sweet to be able to be made a voodoo doll : P

    Thanks so much for <3-ing me on my etsy page! I feel special!

  5. How very precious is this little songbird! Thanks for the pattern. I will print it out and try it soon. Merry Christmas to YOU, Betsy. You have certainly enriched my life these past few years. Which leads me to ask, where DOES time go if you aren't having fun?

  6. Just popping in Bettsi - for a quick hi! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season ...

  7. Hia Bettsi hun, Merry christmas! Thanks for the cute bird pattern. Oooh well done on making your comfort doll. Mine is still an idea waiting to start. I got so caught up in Christmas makings.

    Merry Christmas,

  8. Such a cute bird! Thank you for sharing the pattern, too. :) - Kathy Gettig


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