Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Can Has Canary?

This is what I woke up to this morning. Can you see Francis? He's dark gray and he is right in front of the tree. They were so intent on the bird that they didn't even follow me to the garage for the morning Meow Mix scoop. The sweet canary is an early gift from my young friend, Selah. She is actually Carmen's friend, but she has become part of the family. I fell in love with her canary this summer and due to a change in livng circumstances, Selah had to give him away. When she saw that I would have happily taken him, she got him back and gave him to me! Yay! I love the sound of his beautiful song.

I'm sure the kitty boys will eventually figure out that the bird is not coming out of this particular "tree." Sorry, boys!

(Does everyone already know this site? Great for a daily "pick-me-up.") Edited: I uploaded my pic there. Feel free to vote for it if you feel so inclined....

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  1. I check in all the time to see your dolls. That are so great!


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