Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome October!

Welcome to my favorite month of the year! What's not to love? Here's a random list of all the good things about October in general and this October specifically:

  1. Fall leaves

  2. Crisp, cool weather

  3. Ghoulies and Goblins (BOO!)

  4. Candy

  5. Max's 11th birthday

  6. Sister-in-law Deborah's birthday

  7. My birthday!

  8. Candy

  9. Columbus Day (why not?)

  10. Candy

  11. My brother Jonathan's graduation!

  12. Deb and Jon's wedding anniversary

  13. Candy

I do love this month! I am looking forward to a month of fun balanced with work. That's my main "theme" right now-


I want Tender Arts to be successful, but I don't want to wear myself out and I especially don't want to cut myself off from all the things I love about my life. Especially those babies that aren't so baby-ish anymore! So, I am still stitchin', but I am doing it when my other loves and responsibilities allow it. I do have a bunch of cute stuff to photograph and list so keep your eyes on my etsy shop. By Sunday I will have new merchandise, including Dolly Dingle and hopefully a little Halloween doll! I don't want to give too much away, but her name is Princess Witch Megan if that gives you any ideas!

In the Ghoulies and Goblins department, I brought Witchy-Poo out to grace my work area. She is ALWAYS ready for Halloween! Anyway, our newest rescued cat, Mandy (named for the mean little girl from The Grim Adventure of Billy & Mandy-a cartoon I hate, BTW) has decided that she loves Witchy-Poo! How cute is this?

Poor little Mandy isn't really as mean as the cartoon protagonist. She's deaf and not very social, but she is slowly becoming more trusting of us. She loves to watch Carmen and I wash dishes! Look at those blue eyes! She is so pretty and soft and we all wish we could pet her more than she allows. Maybe someday... In the meantime, I guess it's Witchy-Poo who will get all the affection!

7 friends said....:

  1. That pic makes me LOL big time! Love white kitties. Have only known deaf ones and once they warm up--lookout! She's gonna own everyone. My fave thing about October: ... I'm not going to say. It's just a very manly month. :0D

  2. It's my favorite month, too, Bettsi. Just wanted to say 'good for you' for looking for balance in your life. So much to do, but our families and friends are most important!

  3. Did you mention candy? I have made a deep cut into the snickers stash . . . You are making important decisions from your heart. There is a time and a season for everything, and balance is wise. Can't wait to see dolly dingle and witch Megan. I know already that they are beyond adorable.

  4. what a pretty kitty!!

    October is my favorite too. :)

    But seriously though, Columbus Day? Ack! Such a farce. I have a book called "Who Really Discovered America" that I pull out for the kids every Oct. 10. LOL!

  5. Awww, Mandy is a sweetheart! She looks just like our Comet, except Commie has one blue, one greeny-yellow eye and so she's not deaf.

  6. Hi Betsy! I hadn't been on your blog in awile and thought I'd pop over and see what you've been up to. LOVE your dolls, and it looks like you got yourself an Etsy shop too! awesome!

  7. hiiii... mandy is pretty!
    i've got a deaf cat too! his name is cuby hahaha also is white, looks like her, but with one eye blue and another green :D


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