Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Help for Etsyans

I've been spending some time getting to know Etsy. It's not easy to know Etsy. It's awfully big! One of the things I've been doing is visiting other shops and "heart"-ing all my favorites. Well, today I discovered that I had been "heart"-ed by someone new to me. That was a lovely surprise! But even lovelier was clicking over to her shop, The Singing Bird, where the cuteness slayed me! Becky is a very talented lady. I'm so excited because I commissioned a piece from her. Soon I will have my very own needle-felted Bluebird of Happiness.

This sweet bird, Wee Miss Sunshine, is only two inches tall! So darling!

After introducing myself and asking for a bluebird, I asked Becky if she had any Etsy tips for me. She gave me some great help and she directed me to this blog where Christina is doing "30 Days to a Better Shop". Perfect! I'm a little late joining, but I plan on catching up. I thought you all might enjoy this process too, so I'll be blogging my progress and maybe you will join in if you have a shop. What a fun way to learn together!

So, Day One (which was 10 days ago!) our assignment was to define our goals for our shops. Here is the exact assignment:

Today’s assignment is to set goals both monthly and long term for your shop and business. I know… easy, right? Ha! Not! Okay, let's try this...

For October-

Finish and list Rooster Pillow

Finish and list Dolly Dingle

List Amish Puzzle Ball

Start creating November's inventory

(theme: Harvest Kitchen)

Decide upon December's theme

Continue to "heart" favorites and meet other Etsyans

Finish designing business cards

Follow along on 30 Days to a Better Shop

Live within my means (hardest thing on the list!)

For Long Term-

stop doing everyone else's laundry

stop cooking dinner every night- work on delegating out

make Tender Arts my day job!

Whew, that looks pretty daunting! I hope this doesn't overwhelm me! Anyone else want to join in? Leave a comment so I can check in with you.

Hugs to all!

2 friends said....:

  1. Oh Bettsi, you're brave. I have wished to join Etsy but, yes overwhelmed is the word. I had so many questions and no one to talk to . . . and chickened out. I am going to check out 30 Days. Thanks a million for the info. Love your list especially making Tender Arts your day job. I know you will succeed.

  2. :0)

    Her lil redbird kills me with cuteness.


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