Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Odds 'n' Ends and Bric-a-Brac

Does anyone remember the Disney movie The Sword in the Stone? That was such a cute movie! There is one scene where Merlin is packing so he can move in with young Arthur and mentor him. Merlin sings a spell and all of his belongings begin to march and shrink to fit into his satchel. "Hockety pockety, wickety wock, odds 'n' ends and bric-a-brac." Something cute like that anyway!

I have been very, very busy working on creating some inventory! So far I don't have much to show. A few needlework projects. One of which is on my desk in these photos. I was having a great sewing session Monday night and decided to take some pictures of the moment to remember it by. The only problem is that two days later I am not in the same frame of mind! LOL! But I do want to remember how I felt and so I will write this post anyway and try to recapture the way the mood.

I mainly wanted to show you my darling new chair that I pulled out of a curbside pile! Yes,I know! Unbelievable! It's my princess chair and it's comfy and nice. It will be even more comfy after it gets a new layer of foam and new upholstery. It's from the forties, I think, and it has a lyre back that you can't see in the photo. Such graceful lines!

The great yarn caddy on the floor came from the thrift shop a couple of weeks ago as did this pretty blue gingham apron:

It has little black x's embroidered in some of the white squares. I think this is called "chicken scratch"? Feel free to correct me here. I think it's so sweet! I also have this great pink gingham and organdy apron from a few months ago:

They inspired some of the handwork on the pillow I am working on. It's on my desk, but it's not done yet! However, I did notice that I had all the elements from my sewing set out at the same time. I made this drawstring bag, needlebook and pincushion back in 2001 before I ever saw a single craft on the internet. The embroidery is my paternal grandmother's work, salvaged from a set of napkins. I'm making a point of them because sometimes I forget that I was doing what I do long before I ever had access to the web. I'm not sure why that's important, but it is.

Also, I just HAD to share this thrift item with you all. My 1954 Rhinestone Setter! How fab is that! It has the stuff too AND it works! Now I just need to design something that requires rhinestones!

Last of all...I have a domain!!!!!!!!! Don't bother looking yet- I haven't even started on building it. So much to do! But it is exciting, for sure. I have started working on a logo. Here it is so far:

This is a photo of my pen and ink sketch, so obviously I have lots more work to do on it yet. What do you think? I like it so far and I think it really captures the aesthetic that I love.

I gotta get going, but thanks for checking in! Hugs to all!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Bettsi, I loooooove your drawing! It is beautiful! Josephine

  2. Hia Bettsi, sorry been away from computer painting anything which stood still (garden fencing done, arch in place new rose bed dug) and like you, I've been working on a 1940s chair. The wicker is all repainted but am waiting on more wool for the tapestry seat.

    Yopu're definately a woman after my own heart with the skip diving and charity shop bargains. You work so neatly too- my desk is piled withmy unfinished Autumn patches, felt cut off bits of sheets and I'm not burrowing down any further without a safety hat! LOL

    The drawing is so serene, not vintage yet vintageesque traditional? -sorry useless at words. Love it though.

  3. I *adore* your drawing!!! Perfect!!

    And I really like your princess chair too. :-)

  4. Hi Betsy! I've been so busy I haven't been able to check in with you for some time. I love the chair, the aprons (yes, it is called chicken scratch, among other things), your darling sewing set, and that precious logo you drew. But you have to know that I am positively green with envy over that vintage rhinestone setter! Oh, be still my Nudie-lovin' little heart! I'm currently designing a little cowgirl Nudie-inspired suit for my Sugar Pea's first birthday party, but I'll have to settle for a bedazzler, or some fabric glue. Love this post and your sweet blog!


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