Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nice Matters, Broken Foot, Monkey Wrenches

Nice Matters. Yes, it certainly does! Sweet Sherrie was Very Nice when she awarded me with the Nice Matters Award almost a month ago! Isn't it pretty? I feel very special to have been picked and guilty for taking so long to pass it on. However....I must say that the response to my last post has given me lots of wonderful bloggers to choose from! And so- I hereby award Nice Matters to:

Amanda at Stuffed (she's been through a rough time lately- send her some blog love!)
Melanie at JellyBeanAngel
Mimi K at Doll

Of course, you all may have received this award already because y'all are so nice, but if not, then this is for you! Post the award on your blog and find five worthy bloggers to bestow it upon.

Broken Foot. Yup, that would be Earl. My sweet husband is the king of mishaps. This was a boating incident. He jumped into water that he thought was deep, but was instead, shallow. Four breaks on the top of his foot requiring six months to heal. I just realized the hidden blessing- at least it's only one foot! This occurred on Sunday. We got home from the E.R. at 1:30 a.m. Yesterday, we went to see the orthopedist for the cast and to the DMV for his temporary disability placecard and this morning he woke up more sore than a back-to-work trapeze artist after a month long Caribbean Cruise! Poor guy! He's had crutches before, but this time he is really sore!

Monkey Wrenches. Also known as pantry moths. Ick! I really didn't take them very seriously until they started to reproduce! Okay, yes, that's how bad a housekeeper I am. The children are sad that I am killing the moths because now the spiders will go hungry. Oh yes, it's the Addams Family at my house! Even I felt like Hitler killing all those egg sacks. Can we say disfunctional? Oh me, oh my. I have been wallowing in a pity party since Saturday, but I have decided that the party is over.

I thought I would get so much accomplished this weekend, but I didn't. Oh. Well. I did get the doll from the last post 99% finished and she is darling! Her name is Dot and she is going to be my offering for the Ava Grace Auction. I wanted to offer up Calico Cottage, but it's not done and I need to get photos and descriptions over to Blondie who is working so hard to help out that sweet little baby. See, you think of Ava and her family and a broken foot or an infestation of moths doesn't really seem so bad. I sure do hope that a lot of people show up for the auction and help this family out.

4 friends said....:

  1. Cool! Thanks so much :-)
    Too,too bad about the broken foot. What a way to end the summer.

  2. Poor Earl. :0( Sympathies from a serious klutz, me.

    TY Bettsi! I've been out of the loop for too long. I completely missed out on the whole awards thing.

    Wishing Ava Grace much success.

  3. Oh and did you notice I'm part of the Ava Grace auction, too?? :) hugs to you! Cheryl :)

  4. Oh my gosh! I hope Earl has a speedy recovery! Josephine


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