Monday, September 24, 2007

Mo Jackson is my Fairy Godmother!

Do you know Mo? Hers are the graphics that make Inspire Company so fabulous. I contacted her last night about the difficulties I was having with my website. Between my conversations with her and my own internal reality check, I've decided to cancel the Homestead website and sell on etsy for now. (Linnea is there if you are interested.)

The best part of all of this is that she is helping me! She has some ideas to improve the look of my little old blog here and I am so excited! Don't be surprised if you click on over here one day soon and find one sweet lookin' blog! Here is Mo's shop and here is her blog. You are going to love her doo dads!

3 friends said....:

  1. Your blog is terrific - I just went through it and loved your dolls so much! I've been wanting to make dolls myself (I have made one) and now I am inspired!

  2. I've bought from Inspire Co. One of the few places that ships in a timely manner. :0D

  3. Linnea looks beautiful in her Etsy Shop, and I bet she won't stay there long either. Best wishes on your Esty endeavor. Sounds like a great decision, and dreams do come true, just slowly, step by step. I am finding out what an expensive, huge job it is to start a business, but I keep going through the obstacles one at a time and remind myself "this is fun, don't stress out!"


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