Friday, September 07, 2007


Voila! She is finished! I think....I really wanted a narrow ribbon for a headband, but that 1930's green is impossible to find! The rick rack on her dress is vintage and I love it so much, but I wish I had thought things through a little bit!

Here's what I wrote about her for the auction:
May I introduce Dot? She is an Old Fashioned Doll created from Edith Flack Ackley's 1938 book, "Dolls to Make for Fun and Profit". She stands approximately 14" tall. She is dressed in crisp white cotton organdy drawers and petticoat, a yellow and white polka dot dress trimmed in vintage green rick rack, featuring organdy under-sleeves that are hand embroidered in green to match the rick rack. She has pretty auburn hair styled in fluffy bangs and sleek ringlets. She is fully jointed for sitting, but I will include a stand with her so that her new owner will have some options. She is signed and dated by me, Bettsi McComb, on the back of her right leg. Dot is fun-loving yet sensible as you have probably surmised from her crooked, bemused smile. She will make a wonderful addition to the right home and be a cheerful companion to humans and dolls alike. She is hopeful that she can do some good for the very sweet Ava Grace.

I do feel as though she is missing something. What do you all think? I have some baskets that are the right scale- maybe have her hold one? She is cute. I really hope she can help little Ava and her family.

9 friends said....:

  1. OHMY GOSH!! Bettsi Dot is AWESOME OOOOoH She has my heart thats for sure!! I hope she brings a fantastic price for Ava Grace!!
    Hugs sweet friend

  2. She's fabulous. I bet she'd like a puppy or pony but I don't think she's missing anything.

  3. She is beautiful! I love what you wrote about her.

    What about a headband or hairbow from the yellow polka-dot fabric? I think the yellow would look nice with her hair color.

  4. Lovely Bettsi! If you could spare a snip of the ric rack I could try hunting a ribbon down in the UK? I think she looks beautiful without a basket.

  5. She's beautiful! Josephine

  6. What a sweet precious girl - you have created a wonderful offering for Ava Grace - her dress is so perfect with such attention to detail! I love her little pantaloons too.
    Just Lovely :)

  7. I think she is perfect just the way she is! Truly a lovely doll. I hope she blesses little Ava Grace and her family!


  8. you know, I think I have some very old rick-rack that same color - such a great shade. beautifully crafted work!

  9. Hi Bettsi! What a beautiful doll! What about a basket with a little tiny doll in the basket?
    Miss ya! Hope all is well.


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