Thursday, September 27, 2007

Comfort Dolls

Do you remember when I got Hitty? It was January of this year and it was right before I hit bottom, so to speak, emotionally and took some time away from the blog and started getting help for my depression. I'm really attached to this sweet little doll. You know, she is only 6" tall and she has her own little drawstring bag so she can travel with me anywhere. For a while there she was my comfort doll. I loved to hold her tight and trace her outlines with my fingers. I needed comfort and she was very good at giving it.

Can you remember that comfort that came from a doll? It may have been years since you have experienced it, but it is very real.

Pat Winter, a visionary, has had this wonderful idea to put Comfort Dolls into the hands of women who desperately need comfort- women escaping domestic violence. I do hope you will visit her blog and learn more about this wonderful mission. I can't wait to get to started!

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  1. Hia Bettsi, love the idea of comfort dolls for women. It's so unfair how victims are the ones less able to pick themselves up and move on that the abusers/bullies/purps.

    I don't talk about it on my blog as it's meant to be more about crafts, but my Mother-In-Law bullied me for all my married life until nearly 2 years ago when we cut her out of our lives. She still harasses us which can be very stressful. I am lucky as I have my husband to talk to.

    I can imagine how much worse the stress would be of dealing with an abuser and post abusive situation without something/one to comfort and say "I believe in you" "you can make the changes" and other helpful things.

    I'd like to have a go at making a comfort doll. Sadly there are so many women out there who need one. Thanks for posting the link.


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