Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Vintage Fun!

New projects are so exciting, aren't they? Especially if it's something you've not attempted before. I bought this vintage pattern on ebay last week. Isn't it great? I love anything from the forties and what makes this pattern so great is that it is not completely darted and seamed. It's a wrap top and a simple skirt! So cute! The top is one piece except for the ties. Amazingly, I even had a nice length of vintage fabric. It's a lightweight cotton printed with little sweat peas. And then....I even had vintage bias trim for the sleeve edge and neckline! Dang! It's as if I was meant to have this outfit!

Of course, drastic adjustments were required! It is a size 16 which is what I wear, but in 1947 a 16 had a 32" bust and a 28" waist! Oh my! That will not do! But it is such a simple pattern, it was quite easy to change. Here's where I am so far:
And here's a little closer look at the neckline thus far:
Oh, my goodness, it is so sweet! I think the flowers are sweet peas. Does anyone know for sure? I was at one of my favorite websites this morning and saw this which really thrilled me! Wish me luck on this- I really want it to work out!

And guess what? I've lost 12 pounds so far!!!! So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty darn proud of my little self! Also, Dannielle has received Rose, but Daisy had farther to go. When I know she made it to her new home alright, I'll post photos of how they turned out.

Sunday, my little morsel, my Eric, turned 14! Geez, that went by fast! Here's the handsome young man with his cake:
His idea of birthday fun this year was to be let loose at the mall with a wad of cash and three of his closest friends! I gotta say it sure was easy on old mom!

That's all folks! Hugs till we meet again!

8 friends said....:

  1. That looks like such a pretty dress! I hate vintage pattern sizes, they make me feel so...well, unhappy. Happy birthday to Eric too!

  2. Hi Bettsi! It's fun to see what you're up to these days. Hope summer is going well, and next yr. Eric gets to drive! woo-hoo :)
    Sandy :)

  3. Daisy is here, and a prettier, sweeter doll has never been found! Thank you so much, Bettsi! I will always treasure her! (I will email you today.) Josephine

  4. You've been tagged by a "Nice Matters." You must go to my blog and retrieve the banner and then pass it on to at least 5 more
    but no more than 7. Y'all are a sweetheart and I want everyone to know it!
    Your creations and your blog and YOU are always BEAUTIFUL!!
    Hugs Sherrie

  5. LOVE the vintage pattern, and your work with it. Thanks also for the journal purchase; I rarely sell them, so it was a wonderful surprise for me!

  6. Happy Birthday Eric! Love the fabric on the vintage top -the bias binding is just right.

  7. Oh wow Bettsi I just LOVE your new wrap your making..I Love vintage clothes from the 30's - 50's wish they would come back..I think I MUST try to make a wrap like yours I just love it..the fabric is just perfect!! I also LOVE aprons vintage and new..what fun to make!
    Happy Borthday to your handsome Eric!!
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    Hugs Sherrie

  8. Happy (belated) birthday to Eric!!

    That top is beautiful! I love that sweet fabric.


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