Friday, August 03, 2007

Illustration Friday-Missing

These would be the keys that went MISSING while we were on vacation last year. After spending too much time and money on replacing them, they showed up six months ago in my husband's uber-pockety backpack. *sigh*

P.S. I do still sew and make things. In fact I am working on "Calico Cottage" right now and I can't wait to take some pics to share!

5 friends said....:

  1. GREAT drawing...isn't it always like those darn keys to go missing....

  2. at my age, many things seem to go missing...i need beepers on my glasses especially. I really like your pencil skills - great shading control. I ALSO loved Lasso the Moon - it's awesome! Thanks bunches for visitin' my blog...

  3. Looks good. :0) I'm so OCD when it comes to my keys, it's really hard for me to lose them. Plus, our locksmiths here are incompetent. A nightmare!

  4. Funny how those things happen! Nice drawing.


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