Friday, July 20, 2007

Illustration Friday-Poem

I haven't done Illustration Friday in a VERY long time! What can I say? "Poem" inspired me!

The Miller's Daughter by Lord Alfred Tennyson

It is the miller’s daughter,

And she is grown so dear, so dear,

That I would be the jewel

That trembles in her ear:

For hid in ringlets day and night,I’d touch her neck so warm and white.

And I would be the girdle

About her dainty dainty waist,

And her heart would beat against me,

In sorrow and in rest:

And I should know if it beat right,

I’d clasp it round so close and tight.

And I would be the necklace,

And all day long to fall and rise

Upon her balmy bosom,

With her laughter or her sighs,

And I would lie so light, so light,

I scarce should be unclasp’d at night.

*sigh* Anne (with an "e") Shirley would agree with me that that is so romantic!
Note: This is a drawing of a famous actress, but it may not be apparent who it is. Any guesses?

12 friends said....:

  1. Bettsi: I really love how you wrote the poem like a necklace... which is what LAT wanted to do in the first place! I have always loved the innate beauty of the way poets wrote back then. Almost like they could say anything and make it sound romantic! (Can't tell who the actress is -- I'm not much up on actresses unless they've been in a period flick, like Cold Mountain or Pride and Prejudice).

    By the way, thank you for the positive comments on my IllustrationFriday:Poem offering. I think if it weren't for IF and Photoshop, I wouldn't get any creative stuff done!

  2. Real pearls of wisdom and wonder! Love this!!!

  3. Sharon Stone? I keep thinking "that can't be right" but it's who comes to mind lol.

  4. Lovely! Reminds me of the poems of Apollinaire. The lady makes me think of Emma Thompson.

  5. Beautiful poem! I am a "Miller's daughter" so I especially like it! ;->

    I am terrible at identifying and naming actresses but to my mind your illo has a look of the young Ingrid Bergman.

  6. Sorry Bettsi, I'm useless at people. Love the whole concept though especially the "pearls of wisdom" round her neck. I also like the idea of poem sharing. Fab drawing whoever she is. Very classic looking.

  7. I love it when words weave their way into the way, is it Doris Day??

  8. She is very pretty :)

  9. She's purty...could it be Grace Kelly? (Second guess, less famous, but a definitely a pearl-wearer, Donna Reed?)

  10. Most people probably wouldn't notice such a small detail, but the scribing on the necklace is very well done. It looks like either you have very good handwriting, or you've studied calligraphy.

  11. You're killing me here...who is it!?!?!


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