Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hmmm, SparkPeople?

Well, I may be setting myself up for public failure here, but I'll just jump in and announce boldly that I have a weight loss goal of 50 pounds and I intend to have the pounds off by June 2008!

Whew! So there. Seriously, when I was at the doctor's Monday for my sinus infection, I was walking out of the exam room and he said, "Are you working on losing that weight?" AAAGGGGHHH! I knew I was overweight, of course, but I was hoping no one else could tell! LOL! As of this morning I was sitting at exactly 200 pounds. Apparently, my BMI is 33.5 which puts me squarely in the "obese" mode. *sigh* It's gotten so bad, that I'm running out of underpants that fit! Oh, you did too want to know that!

So, dear Princess Nimble-Thimble inspired me greatly today! She has lost 27 pounds! Go Dannielle! On her blog, she wrote about this website, How cool! It's a free site that helps you lose the weight. It has lots of great information and there are forums and trackers too. You can even have your own page and blog. I wish I could link you over to my page, but it's not working for me! Anyway, if you decide to have a look, its and my user name is Bettsi.

Look what I got! This just pleases me no end! I admired it on her blog and now it is mine! Thank you so much, Princess Nimble-Thimble! I made a darling apron Friday- I keep meaning to show it to you all- and this weekend I am starting on two special items. One for dear Dannielle and one for dear Josephine. These two items have been begging to be made for months now and I think I am finally able to get started! I'll give little peeks as I work along on them.

Hugs to all!

3 friends said....:

  1. Bettsi, I can totally relate to the underwear issue: that's when I know I've gained too much weight, too! You're going to feel so much better as you exercise and get healthier!

    And is that my name I see in your blog? How exciting!

    I hope you don't overdo it, though, since you've been so sick. Take care, my friend!


  2. Hey Bettsi! What a great plan! Getting healthy is a wonderful goal, and is my goal too. I hadn't heard of sparkpeople before, it looks neat.

    About your working on those "two special items": I feel the same way about some projects, they keep wanting, asking to be made, but sometimes I just can't get around to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what they are!

  3. Por moi? Can you hear my glee from there?

    (I think I thought no one could tell, also. Problem is, I don't ever get the view of the back of me that everyone else gets.)

    You're off to such a great start!!!


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