Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Venus of Willendorf in Cloth

I told you I would show you! If you recall, this was a project for my Art History class. I think the instructor liked it. I'll know when I get my paper back next week.

Hee hee! I gotta say, she really is comical to me. Especially since reading about how some historians believe that the Venus of Willendorf and the other Venus figurines were actually carved by women because the exaggerated breasts and belly and almost non-existant feet is so similar to the view that a pregnant woman has of herself. This is the internal dialogue I imagine:

"Oh my god! Look at me! Boobs! That's all I am anymore! And belly! And what is on my backside? Oh my god! It's my butt! It's enormous! I'm enormous. And just look at my hair! Where's my cap? I'll just hide in here for a while!"

I picture our poor little Venuses carving these figurines while the rest of the tribe is out hunting and gathering. And who knows, there may have been little cloth figurines that just didn't survive the 26,000 year wait to discovery. That was the whole point of choosing this as my art project- to remind people that art is not always carved stone or painted canvas. Art can be fiber too and like the Venus herself, it deserves some respect! Now, don't tell my professor, but this is going to be a little thank you gift for her when the quarter ends. I love my professor- she is an amazing woman and a great teacher and an awesome artist. I will share more about her at another time.
We are enjoying the most beautiful weather today! I think the whales brought the marine layer with them and the air here is soft and gentle just as I remember it growing up in the Bay Area. I sure hope the whales make it back home safely, but I also hope they leave some of this nice weather here with us! Hugs to all.

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  1. Wow! I'm so impressed by your Venus! She's beautiful! And I had to laugh: yes, that's just how I felt about myself when I was 9 months pregnant!

  2. She's a hoot in addition to be beautifully made! How you resisted the temptation to add a pearly bead at the end of those pendulous breasts, I'll never know! She's so fun! Great job!!

  3. Crafty and fun Bettsi! At it again.
    (BTW, how is Earl? ? ?)
    Sandy :)

  4. Bettsi I adore your
    Venus of Willendorf in Cloth She is ART!Loved reading your post about art to


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