Monday, May 14, 2007

Quick Update on Earl

Just a little note to let you guys know that Earl is okay. I think a combination of factors brought on his migraine and then the allergic reaction to the shot was no fun at all! The doctor this morning gave him a shot of morphine and benadryl and sent him home to bed for the day. By tomorrow he should be fine. The episcleritis has him a little freaked out, but it's one of those things that you can't do much about. Just be patient and see what happens...
He's a sweetheart, but he always has to do everything in a big way!

In other news, here are some photos that have been languishing in my camera for over a month!

First, the view down my hallway. Aren't those circles at the end intriguing? I have to admit, I was not a big fan of this look when it started showing up on the blogs, but I really like it in person. Remember the ugly lacy embroidery hoop things from the eighties? Yikes! But these aren't anything like that. They're really graphic and clean and gave me a great way to showcase some of my favorite fabrics.
This is the "bluebird of happiness." Carmen drew and colored this when she was nine and I loved it so much I color copied it. Now I can use it wherever I want. This one is modpodged onto the linen cupboard. In the hallway shot above you can see my cabinet quandry. What color should I paint them? Earl wants to use the brown that we've used on the other doors, but I say it is too dark for such a large expanse. I think we should get the toast (wall) color in a gloss and use that. What do you think?

Lastly, how do you like these "new" coasters? Obviously they are the same fabrics from the hallway, but what I really love here is the "no sew" aspect. I just covered my shabby Dollar Tree coasters and then added a felt backing. Hurray for glue guns!Here they are ready for action:

Okay, now I'm off on my rounds of Bloglandia!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that Earl is doing ok. I don't know what episcleritis is, but being sick is never fun.

    And your circles: love them! Especially the green Boston Tea Party fabric. (How could I not? I love green, and I'm from Boston!) Carmen's bluebird is darling, you have to put it back after you paint the cabinets!

    I'd vote for toast. However, I have this feeling that dark brown might give it a Shaker-kind of look, but I have no idea why. But keep in mind that I've had some really disastrous color choices in my life, so you might not want to listen to me.


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