Monday, January 15, 2007

Meet Hitty Joy Raikes!

I hope you like her- she is a very sweet girl! You know, I read the book Hitty, Her First Hundred Years some time ago and have been wanting my very own Hitty ever since. In Doll World, Hitty is pretty popular. There are many commercial versions available, including a kit by Judith Brown that teaches you how to carve your own and one you can buy already handcarved by artist Jean Lotz. If you search ebay, you can often find one-of-a-kind Hittys for sale, including ones made of cloth! There are many clubs and groups devoted to Hitty. Mine is a Raikes Hitty. She is the only doll that came home with me from the doll show. This is how she looked right out of the box. As you can see, she came with a muslin bag with her name on it so she can travel with me wherever I go. Her face was beautiful as it was, but it was almost too perfect. Also, I wasn't crazy about her hair. Hitty always has two little curls on her forhead. So I decided to do a little carving before doing my painting. This is the original Hitty that inspired the book written in 1927. As you can see, she's lost a lot of her paint over the years, but I still think she has such a sweet face. That was what I wanted for my Hitty Joy. A sweet, simple face.What do you think? I know she really doesn't look anything like the original and yet I am so pleased with her! I think she looks very peaceful and sweet. It was so much fun to paint her! I also antiqued her with faint brown glaze to give her an older look.

When I brought her home I introduced her to all of the "Smalls" which seem to be my favorite kind of doll because I sure have a lot of them! Here she is with Wendy, Audrey, Anna, Amelia and the tiny little Bendy that Dannielle made. Since Josephine asked about my Smalls a while back, I thought I would share a little information now since the family is growing! This pretty little lady is so dear to me! This is an Edith Flack Ackley made for me by Elaine Jackson in a doll swap we did together. This is the doll that looks like my mother! I love her to pieces and she is so delicately and beautifully made! Here, Hitty Joy is borrowing a dress from another dear Small. This is Anna who was made for me in a swap by Cindy Owens. We were attempting to duplicate the look of peg woodens in fabric. She came with lots of extras too, including the yellow dress! Here's a close up of Anna's pretty face. I wish you could touch her because she feels amazing! Cindy did a beautiful job with the gesso and sandpaper.

Here's one more shot of the girls. The one on the far right is the prototype of the doll I sent to Cindy. This one is Amelia. I want to send her to my grandmother Ann who is a wonderful miniaturist, but I'm not satisfied with her yet.Here's a close up of Amelia's face. I want to do a little embellishing on her dress and then I will send her off. It is already apparent that Hitty Joy is the one in charge of these girls! Not in an obnoxious way, but in a kind, no nonsense sort of way! You see, Anna is beautiful, but she's not very smart. Audrey is too pretty for her own good. She's selfish and vain, you see! Amelia is capable enough, but she knows she is not in her own home so she doesn't feel it's her job to create order. Bendy of course, is just a baby! Hitty Joy has lots of plans for furnishing a home for her sisters and who knows what else? I think I better be ready for anything!

But, I think she better be careful of Yoda who believes that he should always be the center of attention!

5 friends said....:

  1. Fun looking at all your dolls! Wow! You have a lot!
    My dtr. is in to all the American Girl dolls, so check out her new apron she just made (with her new sewing machine) on my blog. I went to a garage sale on Sat. and a lady who got there 5 minutes before me bought 2 AG dolls! I was sick. For $20!!
    Yes, the face is very sweet and you did a fabulous job painting it!

  2. All I can think about is how nervous the cat would make me sitting there in the window with the dolls. (My cats are very clumsy.)LOL

  3. I love them all! You did a beautiful job on Hitty Joy's face. Josephine

  4. I've enjoyed seeing your dolls very much. I think you did a great job on your Hitty doll.
    My sister recently bought a couple of wooden peg dolls that are so sweet and old fashioned. I should see if she can take a photo to share.

  5. I didn't know you are a doll artist!! I should look at your blog more often, I suppose. I love cloth dolls. I just got a sweet girl at a garage sale. I thought I only loved the cloth ones, but your wooden Hitty Joy could convert me. She is very sweet and beautiful.


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