Friday, January 12, 2007

Getting that old itch again....

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL! I meant the cloth doll itch. I am trying to remember the last cloth doll I made and I can't! I think it was the brother and sister dolls I made for my step-niece and nephew. I did make those, didn't I, Michelle? How come I can't find a pic of them anywhere? You're going to have to let me know because now I'm feeling a little loopy!

Anyway...what I was trying to say is that I found a pair of doll artists on ebay called Cart Before The Horse and I love their work! You can go look if you'd like. I would love to post a photo of one of their dolls here, but I think that's an internet no-no, so you'll have to follow the link.

I did make a doll similar to their style and that I can show! This is an angel I made from an Annie Beez Folk Art pattern (it's the third one down). This was my take on it:

Anyway, it's somewhat similar in style. My favorite thing about the Cart Before The Horse dolls is their beautiful faces. Look at their Alice doll. That is one seriously beautiful face! It reminds me of an artist from Italy. A pop artist. Do you know who I mean? Is it Rosetti? I know one of you knows who I'm talking about- help a girl out here! But yeah, I really need to make a cloth doll now.

P.S. Tomorrow I am attending my first doll show ever! Do you think I should take Cissette? Her head needs to be restrung very badly. Do you think there will be a vendor there that would be willing to do it for me?

5 friends said....:

  1. those dolls are awesome!! I really like that style of doll.

    I think your angel is wonderful too!

  2. That's funny; I don't like their style at all! How'd the doll show go?

  3. I think the dolls you've linked to are marvelous. Wish I could paint faces like that! I like your Annie Beez doll too. I like to make dolls. I've noticed that not many bloggers seem too interested in doll crafting. I see a lot of knitted and stuffed things and paper things, but I rarely see cloth dolls. I've enjoyed seeing something different for a change. Thanks!

  4. Oh Bettsi, I love your doll so much. That is a beautiful face itself! I followed the link to the Alice doll and love it too..thanks for posting this!

  5. So ... are you going to give us a report on how the doll show went? :)


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