Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Getting organized

I, like many of you, have been busy de-Christmasing the house. We had a lovely Christmas, but I can't say that I am completely satisfied. The bathroom issue was, of course, a large part of my dissatisfaction (and, no, it's not done yet!). But it was more than that. It was really a lack of planning on my part. I really enjoy making gifts and this year, there were no handmade gifts at all. (By me, anyway. My sister-in-law made me the most beautiful scarf and I think it might be my favorite thing!) I also left out a lot of people that I love and wanted to give things to, but ended up empty handed when the time came. The people that did get gifts, got gift cards. Now, sometimes, a gift card is the best choice, but when you see the recipient all year and know the things they like, you ought to be able to come up with something (purchased or made) that suits them. I'm not on a soapbox here- I'm really just trying to sort out my feelings.

The other area I really messed up with was Christmas cards. I went to all the trouble of addressing the envelopes, writing a family letter and then completely flaking out on the purchase of postage stamps! Gaahhhh! Anyway, I can at least re-use the envelopes next year!

Anyway, as I've packed away my decorations, I've started a list. A big list that I intend to keep here in my computer and edit as the year progresses. I've written down the things that are important for me to do next Christmas, like craft with the kids, make candy and mail cards. I've written down all the people I want to give gifts to so that no one gets a "last minute" anything (or worse, nothing at all!) and I've started listing craft ideas for gifts. When I see a craft online that I think will make a good gift for someone on my list, I add the link to the list. I'm hoping this will help me to craft the Christmas I would like to have next year.

How about you guys? Any tips to share that will help me out?

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  1. OK, Bettsi, you are sounding very organized! I like your plan! I do keep my MASTER address/Christmas list updated throughout the year so it's ready to go for our annual Christmas letter. We send out 200+ of these, so it's a family affair to stuff & stamp the envelopes. I may try to send it to your email address. You'll get a kick out of my husband's humor.

    I start a list for who I want to give gifts to (and I have scaled WAY back) in late Oct.

    But I like your plan! :)

  2. geesh, I NEVER get my cards out by Christmas- if I were you, I'd give myself until Valentines Day to mail out your letter and already addressed envelopes- you've done the hard part! And what does anyone really care when a nice letter comes in the mail! It always makes my day :-)

  3. Hmmm, I was here a couple of times before to comment and Blogger was being difficult, but I'm going to try again!
    I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind comments and tell you how wonderful that puzzle ball is that youmade. Such a great choice of fabric!
    Fos the last couple of years I've just barely managed to get through the holidays due to family members being ill. I can't even imagine starting to think about it all again so soon! LOL! Good luck to you though Bettsi. Sounds like you are off to a great start!

  4. I sent ya an email, let me know if you got it!

  5. For myself, I defined the minimum that I wanted to do. I always do very little for Xmas. I never send cards. This year I decided what was important to me was to make a couple of handmade gifts, and to make Xmas cookies. I did both (made a muffler and gloves for my sister and a bracelet for my mother, and made 4 kinds of cookies, packed in boxes and given to family and friends) so I'm satisfied. For me the keyword is : not too many objectives!

    PS isn't it 8:30 over there already? :)

  6. I'm in awe of your motivation for next year already!! Very impressive!

    I'm a slacker with low holiday expectations. I find that works best for me ;-) No cards. No outdoor decorations except a wreath. A ruthlessly trimmed gift list. Very few handmade gifts (only for those who truly appreciate). It's blissful and relaxing and peaceful.

    That puzzle ball is awesome...really cool. I keep staring at it trying to wrap my wee pea brain around how it's put together.


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