Friday, December 01, 2006

WIP Friday

Yoda and I are both feeling a little cross-eyed! Him from studying fifth grade math and me from web hunting! I've got a big old project on the horizon and I've been researching my options. I've gotten so many nice comments about my zesty green dining room (we call it Hulk-Juice green), but it is time for a change. We've done the living room and kitchen in the pretty butterscotch and khaki colors and we'd like to extend that into the dining room for a more cohesive feel. The fly in the ointment is the fabric issue. Months ago I shared a corner of my home:

I don't have this nice corner any more. The desk has been taken over by hubby and he's added all kinds of icky "periphereal" furniture and computer components. Now, an entire wall of my dining room looks like a big "man pile". On the opposite side is my sewing area, but that can actually look pretty. It's basically two nice hutches on either side of my small windows and I'm going to add a nice work surface/shelf deal under the windows. One that can be cleared for gatherings and used as a buffet. I also want to skirt the work surface. So... the plan is to curtain off the man pile, extend the curtains on the big slider so it also looks like a curtain wall and, of course, use the same fabric for the shades on the small windows and the work surface skirting. A LOT of fabric! When we finish, there will be more curtains than walls, so that is what I am hunting the perfect fabric for.

In the top photo above you get a glimpse of my work area. In the next photo is the adjoing wall which is almost entirely windows. The wall to the right is the man pile. Directly behind me is the breakfast bar and kitchen, so no wall there. I'm considering a tiny check in cream and brown or cream and sage. I've learned that my big red check fabric makes a terrible backdrop for photos! Yikes! I'm going to be very happy to have a nice neutral backdrop for our family gatherings, but the logistics are giving me fits! We're looking at approximately 40 yards of fabric! No matter how you slice it, that's a pretty good chunk of change! And then there's the hardware issue. I'm sure that hospital track is the way to go, but it's not very pretty so then I'm thinking I need a little fabric valance thing attached to the ceiling.......sigh....... This is why my house is the house of unfinished projects, also known as the "WIP house".

2 friends said....:

  1. Oh, wow, Bettsi, please give us progress photos!!! Josephine

  2. wow! 40 yds, huh? The frugal part of me thinks that makes muslin look mighty attractive. Hmmm...what about plain muslin with a band (like 6-8") of the money fabric at the bottom? The added bonus would be that when you take a pic it would just be a nice ivory behind someone's head.


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