Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where is my camera?

Okay, guys, 'fess up! Who hid my camera? I can't post about our crazy fun Christmas without the photos to back it up!

I'll look for it again, cause I have a lot to share. Santa was very nice this year. My very favorite thing is my Dance Dance Revolution! What a strange thing for a pudgy 43 year old mom to ask for, yes? But it is so fun! We had that thing going all day Christmas day. Everyone tried it out at least once. (Well, everyone except my brother! What a butt head! But I love him anyway!) Carmen has really taken to it. She's already getting good marks in the Basic mode while the rest of us are still stomping around in Beginner!

We had no pressing plans due to mis-timings and car troubles so our plan was to stay home and cook foods we like to eat and welcome anyone who wanted to drop in. My brother and sil came over and spent a good portion of the afternoon with us and Earl's friend John and his children enjoyed part of the day with us too. It's no good without the pictures though!

I've really been enjoying reading about everyone's celebrations. I hope to post some pictures very soon!

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  1. Hey, it sounds like you'll be getting a good work out with your new Dance Dance Revolution! And you and I are the same age :) And YOU have the gift of hospitality, opening your home to whoever wanted to drop by!


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