Monday, December 18, 2006

Like Pedaling Backwards

Remember when I posted this picture? I was so pleased with our pretty bathroom and my efforts in making it pretty. Well. Now it looks like this:
You'll just have to trust me when I say that this actually looks good! Earl just I.M.ed this photo over to me. He's been working on this ALL weekend and he's missing work today to get it finished. It all started with finding this behind a baseboard:

We could see that there was a problem because the drywall was mushy. The more we "unwrapped" things, the worse it got! Finally, we had to completely demo the walls around the tub. Is this how I wanted to spend this weekend? No, no, no, no! Is this how I want to spend my money the week before Christmas? No, no, no, no!

The thing that hurts the most is that we don't have the money to do it the way we want. Our plan was to eventually resurface the nice, albeit pink, cast iron tub and tile the walls. Instead, we have to replace the cheap plastic tub surround with another cheap plastic tub surround. Even so, we're at about $300 and counting. We have not had a shower since Thursday morning. We're washing our hair in the kitchen sink and washing our bodies in my little half bath. I suppose it could be worse. At least we have the half bath. We'd be using chamber pots and washing in a pail in the kitchen otherwise!

Anyway, please send up prayers that Earl can get this bad boy done today. I don't even care about the aesthetics right now. I'll be ecstatic with usable!

4 friends said....:

  1. Been there, done that! The deeper we got, the more dry-rot we found. So I will say a pray. Today, today, today, or ... soon, soon, soon!
    I won't even tell you what we ended up spending .. and it wasn't the way I would have done it either.
    Hang in there, Bettsi!

  2. Sending you good thoughts! Earl is my hero today for tackling such a big job and not giving up! Josephine

  3. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about this, and so close to Christmas too! I'm very familiar with having to make do and wait for a better time to make things just the way that I'd like, so my heart is with you. Yes, it could be a lot worse! My sister just moved into a new house this summer and was finally feeling settled when we had very cold weather. A pipe broke inside her walls and ruined two bedrooms. She's had to take down the drywall and pull up the carpet and there have been dehumidifiers going for days. Or there were. Now after the big wind storm she has been without power for days!
    I hope all will be better soon and that your Christmas will be a happy one.

  4. Now I'm getting a little scared! We are about to renovate a 1912 house! I suppose we should expect anything, right?


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