Monday, December 04, 2006

In which Max catches a fish and I hang lights

Yo Max! He went fishing with his dad and brother on Saturday. I told him I had a feeling that this would be the day he would catch his first fish. And you see, Mother really does know best! Look at that gorgeous smile!
While they were gone, I hung the lights on the house. May I just say that I am very proud of myself? Earl does not like this task and if it were up to him, we wouldn't bother at all. So, since I want lights, I hang lights. It took much longer than it should have, but hey it's a learning experience. Next year it will go much quicker. I only fell off the step stool once and all I can say about that is that I am sure glad I live in a one story house!
I love this photo- look at Yoda in the foreground-his eyes are brighter than the lights! See our spiffy copper canopy above the door? It's original to the house and up until last weekend it was covered with many layers of cracked, peeling house paint. Stripping it was a bear, but the results are worth it! It's actually galvanized steel and we used Krylon's hammered copper spray paint. Love it! We still have lots to do out front like the flower beds on the right, new paint and other doo-dads, but I'm determined to enjoy what has been accomplished for now.
Here's one more shot. Can you see Yoda? Freaky, isn't it?
I also set up the tree and we started to decorate it, but the house was so messy and dirty! I spent yesterday cleaning and I hope that tonight I can get the rest of the decorating done. I decided to elevate the tree this year. It looks pretty impressive, but mostly I didn't want to find a place to put Mom's hope chest!
The tree skirt is about 60 years old. It was my mom's bedspread. It's so worn that it only comes out once a year for this special duty. I just think it's so sweet that she kept it all her life. My stepfather said that while she was sick, she liked to have this blanket near. It's not a real quilt, the design is printed on, but I don't care. It couldn't be any more dear to me than it already is. My ornaments are such a mishmash of things. Some of the homemade ornie's are sooooo primitive! As in glue, glitter and undefined salt dough, but they get their place on the tree, nonetheless! After sixteen years of parenting, I think you can just imagine how many child made ornaments I have! I wouldn't trade them for anything, of course! Hope everyone had a good and productive weekend!

3 friends said....:

  1. We have a lot of homemade ornaments from when my husband was little, so 30+ years old! Those are the best kind, though.

    The lights on the house are great, and the kitty eyes are wild!

  2. Lights or no lights. We talked to 4 men last week who all stated that they hate to hang Christmas lights. I'm beginning to think Christmas lights are for women and children. I ... uh ... hung our lights too!
    Beautiful tree!

  3. The copper paint was a great idea. Love it.


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