Thursday, December 07, 2006

Everything must keep rolling along.

That was the hardest truth for me when I lost my first husband. Carmen and Eric were very young, just like Kati and James Kim's daughters. Sometimes, when you count your blessings, don't you ever think, "If I lost my spouse, I would just shut down. I wouldn't be able to go on."? Thankfully, not too many young mothers today have to face that reality. And the reality is, you can't shut down. You have little people (and big people) that need you and love you. And so you get up everyday and do the best you can. My heart goes out to Kati Kim. I think James was a hero. The experts say he should have stayed in the car with his family, but that is hindsight. James had no way of knowing when rescuers would be coming. He did his very best for his family and now Kati will do her very best as well. Lisa, Stephanie and their mother, Gerrie will be putting together some kind of outreach for the Kims, so let's keep our eyes on that and think of what good we might be able to do. As one who has been there, I can say that every outreached hand is appreciated.

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  1. I cannot imagine the loss and have been following these events, as it's so close to us. My sister lives in Merlin, not far from where this took place. The world is grieving for the loss of a hero. Prayers for the Kim family are going up from our home!

    Wow, Bettsi, you can empathize, indeed!

  2. I get very nervous when my husband has to travel, especially if he has to drive long distances. And I always end up wondering, what if?

    Kati's is a pain I hope I don't have to experience for another 50+ years.

  3. Words of wisdom, Bettsi.

    I think James Kim was very brave. It would have been easier, emotionally, for him to stay with his wife and children. It took courage for him to leave the comfort of their company to seek help.


  4. i so agree, Josephine. He was a true hero!


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